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January of 2017 brings us Johnny filming LAbyrinth in LA and also his return to the Imperial Ball on Jan. 21! And we've just seen the first "teaser trailer" for POTC 5, coming in May of 2017.
Johnny's written the foreword for the 60th Anniversary edition of JP Donleavy's THE GINGER MAN. Johnny is a producer on the up coming film version.
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 Johnny and the great Oasis false alarm
Posted: Jan 16 2007, 08:11 AM


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This info was supplied by Madscntst to JDR on 5/06/06 at 11:12 PM

Hey folks! Got a fun little story to tell, about my continuing saga of learning more about Johnny's musical pursuits! So as not to lead anyone on, I'll give the punchline to this little story first: to my knowledge, Johnny Depp has never played with Oasis live in concert. If this changes, believe me, I'd love to know it, and we can change the conventional thinking!

But for a few hours earlier this week, I thought I had stumbled upon a live recording of Johnny with Oasis.

It all started when I was checking a music downloading site last week, and came upon a live recording of an Oasis show from the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC on October 8, 1997. It looked like an interesting show, and I noticed that the song Fade In-Out was on the setlist. I had remembered a quote from Noel Gallagher, about how Johnny came to play slide guitar on the studio release of this song:

"As it works out, he's actually one of the best guitarists I've ever seen. He's really really good. He doesn't actually think he's any good, but he's a fine guitarist. That's why we got him to play the slide guitar solo on 'Fade In/Out' on the last album, 'cos I couldn't play it. Afterwards, everybody.. we were rehearsing for the tour: it took me about 6 months to work it out, what he was actually playing." - Noel Gallagher

I was curious, then, as to how the live version of Fade In-Out would sound, especially since this was a show that occurred soon after the album Be Here Now was released (August 21, 1997). And I gotta admit, I wondered if Noel or another band member might mention at the show that Johnny played on the record So I downloaded the show.

Monday morning, I put the CD I burned in my car for the drive to work. I went ahead to the intro to Fade In-Out, when to my great surprise.... I could swear I heard Noel say, "This is called Fade In-Out... and I'd like to introduce Johnny Depp, playing guitar..." Well, since no mention of Johnny was made in the description of the show, it was definitely a moment! Was Johnny really on stage, playing guitar??

That afternoon, I had the chance to dig around a little. First, of course, I consulted some Johnny-related resources. Maybe there was mention of him playing at a show, that I just missed! The closest I came was an article that's been posted to JDFan, from the Neon magazine:


The article makes mention of Johnny being in the audience of an Oasis show, at the Hammerstein Ballroom, in the spring of 1997.

Spring 1997. Having completed the second encore of a set lasting just over 90 minutes, Oasis leave the stage of Manhattan's Hammerstein Ballroom. After it becomes clear the band will not be returning to continue their performance, the audience of 4,000 predominantly young, affluent New Yorkers begin filing towards the exits. Then, as the house lights come up, around 50 people begin cheering. A moment later, another group, about the same size, joins the ovation. Soon about half the crowd are standing with their backs to the stage, applauding as a figure in the balcony shuffles towards a door surrounded by security guards. Before disappearing behind it, Johnny Depp, girlfriend Kate Moss beside him, turns to acknowledge the acclaim.

But this was the fall! I checked the tour dates for that year, and the only shows in this location in 1997 were in October. If the magazine had incorrect information about when the show was, could they also have missed him being on stage??

I found a description of the show at an Oasis fan site...

Hmm, no mention of Johnny, but maybe it wasn't as important to Oasis fans as it is to us

At this point, things started getting interesting. On this music download site I'm talking about, there's an area where you can make comments about each particular show. So I asked the question- did Johnny play at the show? Someone replied that he thought Johnny had played on stage with them once, but he didn't recall if this was the show or not. I thought, wow... if he was right, how could we have missed this?

More digging, and now I thought I had found my answer. I found a music trading site that gave a description of the show:

And then I found some bootleg artwork:

Johnny Depp on guitar? Could it be?

And then.... the bottom fell out of this whole story I spoke to a guy who has a DVD video of this same show. Johnny was never on stage- it was just Noel Gallagher making a joke and trying to put one over on the audience. What Noel actually told the audience was something like: "Id like to introduce Johnny Depp to play the guitar... but im not goin to, so {expletive deleted} off"

To back up for a moment, this recording happened to be an FM broadcast. So the audio recording was taken from the radio, and of course, FCC rules being what they are, they deleted the second part of what Noel said. But on the video version, it wasn't broadcast over the radio so the statement is left intact. And, not to mention, but Johnny was never seen on the video version of this show.

Darn... I can't tell you how disappointed I was to hear the full story about this But the kicker is, unless you were a real die-hard Oasis fan, and knew about the DVD... some fans who have info about Oasis recordings online and at least one bootleg artist were duped just the way I was So I don't feel so bad for falling for it.

For your listening pleasure, I have cropped the small portion of the recording where Noel seems to introduce Johnny. It's so short that I can put it on my AOL member space. I hope this works for y'all:


When I click on this link, the mp3 plays automatically, and it's just a few seconds long. You hear Noel say, "This one's called Fade In-Out... and... I'd like to introduce Johnny Depp playing guitar" and then you can hear a slight "cut" where the recording seems to be spliced... I am guessing that a few seconds were cut out. If you want to save it, I think you can put the link in, and do whatever you normally do to save (for PC- right click, is it? For Mac, you can click the Option button and Return. But it may not even be worth saving- just thought it'd be interesting to hear it

Well, that's my story! Hope you got a chuckle out of it!


Captain Jack is back! Savvy?
Posted: Jan 16 2007, 08:12 AM


Group: Admin
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You know, Ellen, this must be why I started reading Sue Grafton's alphabet mysteries, lol! I think I identify with the main character, Kinsey Milhone, who is a PI- I always thought it'd be a fun job... well, except for the part about getting shot at wink.gif

I found a few more mentions of the supposed appearance of Johnny at the Hammerstein Ballroom, so it really seemed to fool some people! Here are some threads from the Oasis newsgroup alt.music.oasis that are of interest (NOTE- there is some foul language, but not much. The posts are very complimentary to our man! Johnny's name is already highlighted, since I found these threads on a Google search):

Thread 1
Thread 2
Thread 3

And also, I found a 1997 video of Oasis performing Fade In-Out live at Earl's Court, on YouTube:

**Admin edit : This video has been removed due to terms of use violation on YouTube.**
Click here

The description doesn't say, but the Earl's Court dates were Sept. 25, 26, 27 according to the tour info I show above. Anyway, it's kind of cool to hear (and see) an example of a Johnny-less version of the song!


Captain Jack is back! Savvy?
Posted: Jan 16 2007, 08:14 AM


Group: Admin
Posts: 40,520
Member No.: 1
Joined: 5-November 06

Then Madscntst posted this final piece on 5/14/06 at 04:25 PM

Darn... I was looking for an interview I thought sure I had read somewhere, where Noel Gallagher speaks in more detail about how Johnny's part was recorded in Mustique, and later when they went into the studio, Johnny couldn't make it to lay down his part in a studio. So they had to match the demo with the part that was recorded in the studio, which was harder than if it had all been done in a studio, but the only way they could include it. I'm going totally from memory here, because I looked all through my hard drive, and Googled, and came up empty. If anyone ever reads such an article, please post it!

Anyway, I did find some other briefer tidbits on the recording. Please note that there is some off-color language.

This seems to be originally taken from Q magazine:


Noel Gallagher talks Phil Sutcliffe through Oasis' third magnum opus, Be Here Now.

7. Fade In/Out
Blues with Johnny Depp and primal scream
"The first part of the song is from the Mustique demo with Johnny Depp playing slide guitar. I like it because it's the first blues song I've done and Liam does the best singing I've ever heard from him. I pushed him to the limit on that. I said, Pretend you're a black man from Memphis. He's not got vert good rhythm and we made him stamp his foot all through it. He couldn't sing for a week after.

"The scream near the end was the last bit we did. Me and Meg went back to Mustique over Christmas and I took the rough mix with me. It needed something and it was bugging me. Meg woke up one morning and there I was in bed with the Walkman on, screaming. She thought I'd gone into my drug psychotic phase -- 'Oh, sorry, I'm just filling in a bit of the record...'

"So I don't think 14-year-old girls will be skipping about to this one. (Cockney) 'Ere Shelle, wind that one on will yer!' Until they find out Johnny Depp's on it. It's going to be weird how that's perceived, having a Hollywood star on the album. But I'm glad it happened. If he hadn't been around, we'd have had to get some fat old geezer who'd be telling us about how he played with Clapton in '76 and did a slide solo that lasted for f***ing months."

And another blurb, from a Rolling Stone article from circa 1997 (I couldn't find the article itself, but it was quoted several times on various sites) that's quite similar to other quotes from Noel. Note again the off-color language

"The first part of 'Fade In/Out' was recorded in a little f***ing shack on the beach," Noel Says. The song-the bluesiest thing the band has ever done-features a special guest: Johnny Depp. "We were drunk one night [in the Caribbean], and I borrowed his slide guitar and tried to play this solo, and it was absolutely dreadful," Noel recalls. "So he sat down and played it and got it in one take. He's actually a really good guitar player."


Captain Jack is back! Savvy?
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