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We're just a couple of weeks away from the opening of DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES! And we're keeping a sharp eye on this week's world premiere at Disney Shanghai.
Johnny's written the foreword for the 60th Anniversary edition of JP Donleavy's THE GINGER MAN. Johnny is a producer on the up coming film version.
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 Discussion Question #9
Posted: Jan 10 2007, 05:27 PM


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Originally Posted by Karen 19th April 2004

OK Ya'll are doing such a great job! By the time the movie is
out, we will have been experts for a long time on old Johnny Wilmot!
Now let's tackle Scene 5, "The Imperfect Enjoyment." While it's a
rather earthy scene, what do ya'll think the main reason of the
storyline is in Scene 5?? What happens to either move the story
along, or develeops the characters move fully?? Thoughts??

Remember we aren't looking for wrong or right answers on this one,
just some ideas that we can kick around...........

I'm Captain Jack Sparrow, savvy
Posted: Jan 17 2007, 07:33 AM


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Ahhh! Its that scene!! Crikey!! OK, deep breath and lets have a go!
My first thought wasn't printable,then, well, come to think of it
neither were my next few either!! Who the heck is going to be Jane in
the film? OMG! Can you imagine? NO, STOP THAT!! Back to the plot. I
think this is the point that the Earl realises that he is falling
hard (no pun intended) for EB. Jane catches on but I can't decide
exactly what her feelings are about this. Is she jealous, or worried
about her income or just concerned for the Earl even tho' she quite
obviously doesn't want to be? He obviously had things on his mind
other than the job in hand (or mouth, oops sorry!) and I don't think
it was all down to the King yabbering on from another room (wouldn't
you just love that to happen!). I am wondering if maybe he knows he
is falling for EB but doesn't really want to because he feels guilty
about it. It would be one thing to have his wife accept him putting
it around left, right and centre (heck, sorry, but it is very
difficult to be descriptive without it sounding smutty and it's not
intended), but quite another for her to accept that her husband
actually loves somebody else. Sorry, despite all the typing I don't
think I have actually said much of any importance. Please can
somebody else have a go and make some sense of it.

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Made for me by Johnnydepplover. Thanks Sam.
Posted: Jan 17 2007, 07:34 AM


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This one had me a bit concerned about why it was there, I think it
was there to show the "jockeying" for "place" between the King and
Johnny, and I thought Jeffreys used it as a way to show us what Jane
was truly feeling about herself, her situation and the Earl.

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Made for me by Johnnydepplover. Thanks Sam.
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