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JohnnyDeppReads - a place to discuss the news, books, plays, projects and materials relating to the artistic works and interests of multi media artist Johnny Depp.

With respect to Mr. Depp we ask that no paparazzi images of his children be posted.

JDR Guidelines
**I started JohnnyDeppReads so we would have a place to discuss Johnny, his works and interests that is free from gossip, fighting and overly suggestive posts and a place that respects Johnny, his family and his privacy. Judging by our tremendous growth it confirms to us that there is a place in the Johnny "world" for us here at JDR. We are here to have fun and visit about someone we all respect and admire.

**To make sure that everyone stays on the same page, I've put together some basic JDR Guidelines. I encourage everyone to please give them a read. If you have any questions please feel free to PM me or email me at

**We no longer allow the use of Johnny's name in any member name. You will be asked to submit an alternate name.

**Since Lily Rose is now acting, we must change our photo guidelines. Any photo of Lily Rose that pertains to her movies is allowable. The preferred method of sharing is to post the link back to the photo source. No unobscured pap pics of Jack and/or Lily Rose in their private world are allowed. Please use common sense, and when in doubt post only a link to the photo.

**Please don't provide information regarding the location of Johnny's homes, offices and family's homes or links to them or where they can be found. Please respect all aspects of Johnny's personal and professional life.

**No flaming, personal attacks, trolling, etc. against anyone. This is a drama free site so please don't post just to be inflammatory.

**We try to stay within the boundaries of a PG 13 arena. Sometimes with book and film discussions it is difficult due to the subject matter and some variance will occur. Also quotes by Johnny and his friends are often very *colorful*, a simple alert or warning of adult language is appreciated. Book and film discussions of an *adult nature* are always labeled as such.

**No spamming or hot linking. Do not use the member list for emailing/ solicitation purposes.

**Please keep siggys a reasonable size please.

**Because of problems with spammers all new members' posts will be moderated for a time. A moderator may not always be online, so please be patient. For the same reason, newbie members are also unable to use the PM and Email system. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Restrictions are removed at the discretion of the admin/mod staff and can be put back in place at any time.

**We all love to share. But please, don't post our info on sites that don't share with us. We'll gladly share with them if they share with us. We all love Johnny and want to share the goodies! Please do remember to credit JDR with ANYTHING you share on other boards with only one exception: We ask that you respect our JDR "exclusive news items, scans or pics, etc." and do not repost them elsewhere. Please always post only a link that brings them back to JDR. I value all of my industry sources, studio liaisons and reps and work hard to follow all of their requests. Please contact me with your questions.

**Please do not share any videos from JDR on video sharing sites, such as youtube and any others without the permission of the person posting/creating the video.

** On JDR we try to respect all copyright laws and therefore we are unable to allow you to post photography studio photographs. That means, NO PHOTOGRAPHS TAKEN DIRECTLY FROM A PHOTOGRAPHER'S OR AGENCY'S ONLINE PORTFOLIO WITHOUT HIS/HER/THEIR WRITTEN PERMISSION.

Regarding any copyrighted materials posted here without espress permission or the owner, know that the materials will be removed at our discretion and without warning or explanation. Posting here is a privilege, not a right.

**No reposting of JDR author interviews. I work to stay within the parameters that each author and his/her agents set. I get these interviews myself. Please do not cause us to lose their respect and/ or their interview.

**Please be a good neighbor in the Johnny community by naming the source of info that you post or share here on JDR to the best of your ability.

**If I am able get tickets to an event, admission to a red carpet area or invitations to a premiere I will post the availability.

**No text abbreviations or IM chat talk. Please try to remember to use proper spelling and standard punctuation and capitalization.

**We have members and guests from over 121 countries, and many people here who's first language is not English. Please be as patient and supportive of them as you would want them to be of you, if you were posting in another language using translator programs. Johnny is loved by people all over the world and we gladly welcome everyone here at JDR.

**Please do not post pirated materials or unapproved behind the scenes pics. I don't like being on the wrong side of the studios. They can get extremely cranky.

**Please remember to put "spoiler" in the subject line of posts that contain plotline spoilers, some people want to be surprised when they see the movie. Go figure!

**Silly, redundant or questionable posts will be deleted with no explanation. It's moderator judgment about deleting posts and decisions are final. We have several moderators here and we all work and have families outside the cyber Johnny world and we are all here to make sure that everyone has fun and has a good time. Have a question? Contact us. We are happy to help you.

Guidelines can be amended and updated without warning by admin.

Thanks for taking the time to read our guidelines!

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